"Vaaniz brings personalization, relevance and contextual recommendation platform to redefine your customer engagement"

About us

Vaaniz is an omni-channel personalization and relevance platform to help companies engage their B2C and B2B customers and transform their buying experience. We firmly believe in the philosophy that customer like to buy rather than being sold to and our unique tools help companies profile, present and promote content and products in a way that uplift the sales and customer experience

We are California based company with offices in San Francisco and London and cater to our customers globally

We have just begun an exciting journey with our customers and are dedicated to provide enhanced capabilities, leverage most appropriate technology and highly effective sales and marketing paradigms to constantly deliver economic value. Our platform is priced to help all sizes of online businesses to provide superior customer engagement


Vaaniz Sales

Vaaniz Sales help companies profile, pitch and sell to their customers across various channels. Vaaniz Sales tools help our customer present not just relevant but most contextual content to their customers. We help our customers in engaging the anonymous visitor by presenting contextual content and improve their conversion propensity. Vaaniz Data Hub is the foundation for all our sales and marketing tools and it collects and unifies structured and unstructured data from various sources and implicit and explicit events


Segment your customer by using real time data. Customer buying behaviour is not static and nor are the segments. Understand not just who your customer is but also what is relevant and important to them right at this moment.


Recommend products and present content using real time data, type ahead suggestion and personalized browsing. Boost search results based on profile and other pre-defined or dynamic parameters Set rules for brand placements, merchandizing, brand boosting and slot specifications


Reduce cart abandonment rate by prompting discounts in real time to closesales. Suggest bundles, options for free shipping etc at the time of checkout.

Vaaniz Marketing

Vaaniz marketing leverages Vaaniz Data Hub, which collects and unifies structured and unstructured data from multiple sources with marketing tools to help you analyze customer’s buying behaviour, segment them, create target groups and effectively market your products and services. It is relevant to B2C and B2B customers and includes Vaaniz native products as well as tools and solutions from trusted partners


Execute and manage marketing campaigns across all channels. Vaaniz helps you with recommendation to execute campaigns manually and setup triggers for automated executions. Tools and products by our partners compliment our offerings in this space. We are not trying to invent a better mousetrap but significantly improve what is already out there.


Execute and manage marketing campaigns across all channels. Tools and products by our partners compliment our offerings.

Vaaniz promotions offer best in class actionable analytics tools that integrate with e-commerce, marketing, loyalty management systems


Targeted advertising for best placement for your advertisement and maximum return on investment

Vaaniz Experience

Vaaniz experience is a tool that helps customer service professionals to provide excellent experience to their customers. The customer’s recent activity, buying history and all relevant data help customer service professional get a complete 360 degree view by a single click. Vaaniz Data Hub also integrates with your existing or 3rd party system to provide relevance and contextual data and recommendations

Vaaniz Extend

Certified partners – companies, data scientists, marketers, sales people are welcome to create tools and solutions on our platform and market it to our customers globally. We ensure strict adherence to architecture/coding standards and help our partners reach their target audience at fraction of cost. We are building a community that creates value for all stakeholders.

Contact us for more details on our partnership program

The aim of Vaaniz Extend is to provide state of the art and wide array of tools and solutions to our customers at a very reasonable cost. This is possible when we forge partnership and leverage collective capabilities rather than limiting to our capacity. The collaborative approach sets us apart from other similar products in the market today

We are constantly working to enlist new partners who have something good to offer to the market and our endeavour is to make them easily accessible to our customers


Personalized buying experience sets your e-commerce site apart from the crowd and helps you understand and engage your customers across various channels and build relationship that’s unique to every visitor.

At Vaaniz we are always exploring ways to enhance personalized buying experience at most affordable cost

Some personalization features that Vaaniz offer


Follow buyer as they move from one source to other. Contextual engagement improves conversion

Proximity Marketing

Follow buyers offline

Personalized websites

Present dynamic content

Product Recommendation

Help buyers recommend products that may be relevant to their preference

behaviour Triggers

Send mails on promotions and launches that match buyer’s personalized profile


Vaaniz relevance paradigm is driven by our quest to target wide segment of visitors and rapidly develop familiarity and engage them meaningfully in a very fickle and unpredictable buying process.

Predictive Analytics

Uses most appropriate relevance and recommendation algorithm, tunes with your strategy and KPI’s or chooses best one if you are unsure of what makes most sense for your buyers

Real-time analytics

Real time analytics attracts visitors and engages them by presenting most relevant content, search results and recommendations. Anonymity is quickly transitioned to familiarity and engagement

Marketing Analytics

We deploy most robust big data analytics tools and marketing algorithms to target your audience and run campaigns, send recommendation mails or publish advertisements in most optimized manner


Recommending products that customer has high propensity to buy works better than recommending what you want to sell.

Predictive Analytics

Most customers are unsure about the tools that they should use to understand their visitors and recommend products to them and achieve high rate of conversion

Real time analytics of data to make sense of visitor’s preferences and profile is the first step in right direction. Its effectiveness is linked to many intricate components like what data is collected, how it’s unified and which algorithms are utilized in arriving at recommendations. We at Vaaniz do not claim to be know all experts who can solve all your problems in a single deployment but we are committed to evolve our platform into an intelligent system that helps you in connecting with your visitors and engaging them in a meaningful way at the least possible cost.


Vaaniz helps you profile your visitors from anonymity to familiarity. First step to recommending something is to understand your visitor. It’s straightforward to cater to your customers since you have enough information in various systems like CRM to help you segment your customers but profiling an anonymous visitor and making recommendations can be challenging and even risky. You need the right tools to help you profile


Matching visitor’s preference with best that you can offer is again an exercise in convergence that’s best achieved when you have a system that not only understand your visitor but also link it to what you can offer that best suits those preferences

Impulse Trigger

Some studies show that around 90% of online buyers admit to impulse buying, and it is absolutely necessary to trigger that impulse at the right time with appropriate set of recommendations. Vaaniz offers an intuitive tool to trigger impulse buying. This is available as an add on


vSearch brings together natural search engine optimization tool to attract visitors to your site and site search tool to help engage your visitors in a more personalized and contextual manner.

Natural Search

Make all your webpages visible to natural search by enhancing search relevance in an effective, quick and automated manner. vSearch tool that sits on top of our Vaaniz Data Hub identifies and prioritizes any number of search key words, trends and terms related to your product. Our machine deep learning algorithms detect the intent, preference and attributes of your visitors and generates relevant results. vSearch also help create dynamic theme based category pages to match what visitors are looking for.

Site Search

vSearch is powered by Vaaniz Data Hub that bring together unstructured and structured data, click stream data, content of your web pages and catalogs to deliver personalized, relevant and contextual search results for your site visitors. It also gives you control to set metrics, tweak product rankings to customize to your specific needs at any given time. Features like “More Like This”, “Now Trending” and other predictive search features keep your visitors engaged and enhance their discovery experience

vSearch is easy to install and gives you results almost instantly in terms of uplift in traffic and other key sales and marketing metrics. vSearch comes bundled with our platform at no additional cost